We specialize in developing custom software solutions tailored to the unique demands of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) and geospatial sectors. Our expertise enables our clients to leverage cutting-edge applications, enhancing their operational efficiency and driving innovation in their respective fields.

Desktop Integration

We craft desktop tools designed to integrate with existing AEC and geospatial workflows to enhance productivity.


We develop diverse tools that integrate with desktop software from the likes of Autodesk, Esri, Unity, etc.


We develop tools that facilitate seamless data exchange and standardization across desktop applications.

Analytics & Reporting

We develop specialized tools for enhanced data analysis and reporting within AEC and geospatial desktop applications.

Mobile, Web, & Cloud

We develop accessible, scalable, collaborative, and secure tools to transform AEC and geospatial applications.


We create mobile apps that support AEC and geospatial tasks, such as Scan-to-BIM, and interactive XR models.


We develop web applications that integrate with major API's to maximize efficiency in AEC and geospatial workflows.


We develop cloud-hosted applications that are scalable for handling big data and supporting multiple users.

Applied Research

We pioneer advanced research in the AEC and geospatial industries by leveraging modern techniques in computer science.


We apply the latest research to develop  custom AI/ML/DL/RL tools that are tailored to AEC and geospatial problems.

Optimization & Generative Design

We develop novel optimization and generative design techniques for complex problems with multiple objectives.


We create high fidelity simulation models, leveraging game engines and the latest research in the field.