We integrate architecture, engineering, and construction disciplines to deliver innovative solutions across the AEC sector. Our AEC services are tailored to meet the unique challenges and demands of each project, from early business cases through execution to operations and maintenance.

Computational Design

We showcase diverse computational design capabilities, from the efficiency-driven Design Automation, through the creative possibilities of Optimization & Generative Design, to the insightful foresight offered by Simulation.

Design Automation

We leverage advanced technology to significantly boost efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and minimizes time spent on repetitive tasks. This enables a surge in the number of viable design alternatives, fostering greater innovation and creativity.

Optimization & Generative Design

 We reshape complex challenges into Optimization and Generative Design problems, employing advanced techniques to discover solutions that meet specific objective(s).


We develop bespoke simulation models, providing critical insights that enable more accurate predictions and informed decision-making for superior project outcomes.

BIM Integration

We empower projects by creating custom BIM workflows and software development solutions, to achieve higher dimensional BIM integration which enhances efficiency and effectiveness throughout the project lifecyle.

4D & 5D BIM

We integrate schedule (4D) and cost data (5D) into BIM models to not only enhance project planning and financial management but also provide deeper insights into project risks, ensuring risk-aware project development and delivery.


 We develop bespoke solutions to integrate sustainability and energy analysis, which facilitates eco-friendly and energy-efficient designs, aligning with green standards and practices.


We streamline asset management, enhancing long-term operational efficiency and maintenance planning by integrating aspects like supply chain and warranties into BIM models. 

Digital Twins

We revolutionize asset management and operational efficiency by providing vivid reality capture, immersive visualization, and dynamic real-time monitoring, empowering owners with unparalleled insight.

Reality Capture

We utilize diverse scanning technologies to accurately capture the built environment for representation in a digital twin. We develop Scan-to-BIM workflows and tools to further enhance digital twins with data critical for operations and maintenance. 


 We develop stunning, interactive visualizations for digital twins, ranging from web-hosted and mobile applications to immersive extended reality experiences with technologies like AR or VR. 

Real-Time Monitoring

We develop custom integrations utilizing a wide variety of sensor technologies for accurate, real-time updates to digital twins, capturing the evolving nature of the built environment.